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I am currently a PhD candidate in the Multi-physics Simulation and Optimization Laboratory at UC Berkeley where I specialize in numerical optimization for materials design. My research interests lie in optimization, simulation, and high performance computing. I am currently searching for a new crusade that will allow me to work at the intersection of hardware and code upon graduation in May 2024.

Concurrently, I am working at Apple as as a Computational Physics Engineering Intern. Previously, I was an AI Resident in materials optimization at Google X where I worked on physics-simulations, Gaussian Processes, and convex modeling/optimization. Prior to Google, I was a staff scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where I worked on simulation, optimization, hardware and chemical formulation for 3d printing. My undergraduate degree is in chemical engineering with a focus on control theory.

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In personal life I have a variety of interests including running very long distances, foreign film, olives, olive oil, discrepancies between Talebian philosophy and Talebian tweets, Schumpeterian and Thielian economics, Jewish atheists, 1980's Japan, 1980's New York, 2000's Silicon Valley, Indian food in England, Indian food in India, desert wealth, and sliding the word 'optimisation' into conversations.

Graduate School Notes

I am currently compiling and transcribing all of my notes from graduate school into a numerical computing handbook. This is far from complete, but I do use this link to refer to equations and derivations.

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